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Citric Acid Market size to grow at a remarkable CAGR of 3.49% during the forecast period 2020-2026

Rising demand for Citric acid in the production of baked goods like caramels to stop sucrose crystallizationand in cake mixes, canned foods and many processed sweetsresulting to increase the citric acid market growth.

Apartfrom culinary use,  usage of citric acid in cleaning products as it functions as a pH manipulator to increase the market demand.

Further, strong application demand for ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages and soft drinks to aiding the usage of citric acid over the forecast period.Request Free sample @  https://www.oganalysis.com/sample/212100

Fabric-like threads made of carbon fiber electrodes coated with a citric acid-based polymer can measure electrolyte concentrations within sweat.

In addition, extensive applicability of citric acid as an acidulant, antioxidant, conserving,and binding agent in the food and other industries to boost the market demand.

Moreover, increasing trends of citric acid products in pharmaceutical, personal care, food and beverage industries to augment the market growth.

High use of citric acid in food & beverages industry in order to preserve the food items for a prolonged time owing to its sour nature to create key opportunities for market players.

However, a disproportionate amount of citric acid consumption leads to side effects in order to challenge and restrains the citric acid market growth.

Citric Acid market trends across key segments set to trigger the market growth

Citricacid in powder form holds the major market share as it replaces the usage of vinegar or lemon juice in culinary applications.

Further, it is employed as a chelating agent to eliminate the formation of limescale in evaporators and boilers. Furthermore, it is used to increase the effectiveness of soaps and laundry detergents in water.

Moreover, usage of citric acid as an antioxidant and emulsifying agent in ice creams and other baked foods to avoid the fats from separating resulting to impact the market growth steadily.

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Whereas, have beneficial properties such as texture modification, acidifying agents, and flavor enhancement. Furthermore, in oil industry liquid form is used as a chelating agent for maintaining the pH of acidizing fluids in order to reduce precipitation of iron in oil.

Foodand beverages segment to emerge major market share coupled with its extensive usage in creams and dietary supplements. In addition, Powder form of citric acid acts as a preservative and emulsifying agents which find application in food and beverage industries.

Further, usage of citric acid for neutralization of the pH value in medicines as well as salt derivatives of minerals & metals to impact positively for the market growth.

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Additionally, citric acid employed in conjunction with sodium carbonate in effervescent formulae for the production of personal care, ingestion tablets, and powder products to drive the market demand.

Regional Citric Acid market overview during the forecast period

Increasing awareness among consumers about health benefits offered by citric acid for maintaining the digestive health in order to upsurge the growth of citric acid market in Europe.

European societies consuming citric acid based yogurt to maintain digestive health is likely to increase to a great extent in the coming years.

Whereas, North Americans who are suffering from digestive system problems along with an increased demand in food & beverages and pharmaceuticals industries to have a positive outlook towards the citric acid market.

Therefore, in 2019, FDA approved an oral hydrogel therapy that induces feelings of fullness without adding calories for adults with overweight and obesity.

Moreover, FDA just approved the diet pillsPlenity, Gelesis100which arethe first treatment FDA approved for adults and is the first-in-class hydrogel matrix containing cellulose and citric acid.

However, regional development of citric acid market for countries across theAsia Pacific, South & Central America and the Middle East & Africa to grow significantly.


Competitive landscape across Citric Acid market players

New launches, developments by leading market players to boost the market demand over the forecast period. For instance, in 2020, XO Marshmallowlaunched new limited-time marshmallow flavors which are sour strazberry covered with citric acid for a sour twist.

Further, in 2020, Researchers in Koreadeveloped a sweat sensor to measure electrolyte levels in sweat.

In addition, in  2018, Kellogg launches new cerealHI! Happy Inside to support digestive healtheasily accessible.As well, in  2018, Veolia Water Technologies Bio-Acids built KSA’s first citric acid plant for production output of 80,000 metric tons.

Moreover, SamsungbioepisCo,.Ltd launched Imraldi patient kit in 2018 which contains sodium citrate and citric acid.

Key players of the Citric Acid Market include Archer Daniels Midland Company, Cargill Corporation, CitriqueBelge N.V., Danisco A/S, Gadot Biochemical Industries Ltd, Huangshi Xinghua Biochemical Co., Ltd, Jungbunzlauer AG, Kenko Corporation, Pfizer Inc., RZBC Group Co., Ltd, Shandong JuxianHongde Citric Acid Co., Ltd, and Tate & Lyle PLC. among others.

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