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Growing Demand For Natural Rubber Market In Automotive Industry- Report Outlook, Trends 2019-2025

Natural Rubber market report outlook:  

Naturally extracted rubber is used extensively either alone or in combination with other compounds because of its physical and chemical properties in Automotive, consumer good, manufacturing, and medical industries. 英雄联盟竞猜比赛4.10.1ually, Natural rubber is used to make foot ware, pencil erasers, tiers, airbags, and clothing for elasticity, gloves, etc. And noticeably used in paper and carpet industry.


The scope of OG Analysis report is to present Natural Rubber market based on segmentation by RSS Grade, Latex Concentrate, latex, reclaimed, ribbed smoked sheet (RSS), Solid Block Rubber, Other types, by Auto-Tire Sector, Gloves, Foot Wear, Latex Products, Others Applications, by End-user, & Regions.


  • North America

  • Europe

  • Asia-Pacific

  • South and Central America

  • ROW

Thailand and Indonesia are the largest producers of natural rubber in Asia- Pacific Region. Where Thailand consistently improved the quality of rubber & remained the strongest rubber producer country.

 Natural Rubber market size, price & production:

The Qualitative and Quantitative Natural Rubber market value is estimated to report a year-on-year increase of 8.58% during 2019 over 2018. The demand for increased production of Natural Rubber is mainly contributed by developing countries as a result of population thickening.

 Natural Rubber market analysis & demand:

Natural Rubber market is blasting in the automotive industry for the production of tiers at a truly affordable cost, and because of simple accessibility, & distribution.   Click Here to request Sample


Key players:

•          Kavanar Latex

•          China Hainan Rubber Industry Group

•          Kurian Abraham

•          Thai Hua Rubber Public Co. Ltd.

•          Bridgestone

•          Michelin

•          Sinochem Group

•          Sri Trang Agro-Industry Plc.

•          Von Bundit Co. Ltd.

•          Thai Rubber Latex Corporation Public Co. Ltd.


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