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Weightless And Durable Polyamide Replaces Metal- Polyamide- Market Analysis 2019-2025


Polyamide Market report outlook:  

Polyamides have distinctive chemical and physical properties and are used for manufacturing engineering plastics, various polymeric fibres and light, smooth texture textile.


Synthetic Polyamides are used by Automotive and Marine Sectors, Sportswear and Carpet manufacture profoundly because of its good mechanical material strength and prolonged durability.

Recycled or bio-polyamide are derived from various waste plastic resources, raw materials like plastic beverages bottles or PET material.

The scope of OG Analysis report is to present Polyamide Market based on segmentation by PA 6, PA 66, Bio-based & Specialty Polyamides types, by Engineering Plastics, Fibre applications and region wise.


  • North America

  • Europe

  • Asia-Pacific

  • South and Central America

  • ROW


Polyamide Market size, price & production: 

The Qualitative and Quantitative Paints and Coatings Market value is estimated to report a year-on-year increase of 4.45% during 2019 over 2018. The demand for increased production of Polyamide market is mainly contributed by developing countries as a result of population thickening.


Polyamide market analysis & demand:

The Polyamide market is driven mainly by the textile industry growing in the heavily populated regions of Asia-Pacific. Countries like India and China are expected to be the pioneer consumers of Polyamides and Bio-Polyamides in the coming years.

Automotive, Marine and Aerospace industries surge for the Polyamide market, as metal, aluminium and plastics are replaced by polyamide for its less weight and high strength. Vehicle parts like gearboxes, speedometers, fuel tanks and others are manufactured largely using Polyamide in regions of market holders propelling the Polyamide market. Request Sample


Key players:


  • Li Peng Enterprise Co. ltd

  • Royal DSM

  • Ascend Performance Materials LLC

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